I’m going to sleep now, have a nice day/night everyone!

More update for the game tomorrow!

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According to Blakk's random shipping game lol. This looks weird hahaha (except JaneRoxy >///<!!!!! and especially the Hussie one)

My list and her list here 

secretly i like dolorosa and karkat

Nice work flatty Kan! Round 1 is complete! > w <

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Im gonna ship it <3

's list:

1. Gamzee

2. Tavros

3. Porrim

4. Vriska

5. Kurloz

6. The Grand High Blood

7. MItuna

8. Latula

9. caliborn (before he became lord English)

10. Karkat

11. Dirk 

12. Feferi

Blakk’s list:

  1. john
  2. vriska
  3. gamzee
  4. calilope
  5. roxy
  6. latula
  7. porrim
  8. sollux
  9. bro
  10. dad
  11. mindfang
  12. condese
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Anonymous asked: i thought Kantuna was Kankri x Mituna?

If for Kankri Mituna, I would go as Krituna O w O

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Anonymous asked: If you're still taking request of the draw trolls like you said on the short hair Aradia can I suggest long hair nepeta

I did draw long haired Nepeta O w O

Visit here and here

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Anonymous asked: first off, i love your blog! um, that being said, do you think you could turn off your autoplay or get a music player for your blog that requires to be turned on rather than turned off? i hope that this isn't that much of a problem for you. in the end, it's your blog, and you make the choices for it.

Um…I know it will lead to this result, especially if someone use multiple tabs on my blog, I think I will turn off the auto play mode ; w ;

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Anonymous asked: Shipping game: 6 <3 1

Not like that anon, you have to make a list of 12 random names and submit it to me, then I will update my list on this blog and we will see what ship we’ll got!

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i think this is where i put my little list thing

quickdraws-quick-draws's list:

1 tavros 

2 damara

3 john B

4 dirk A

5 dave A

6 rufioh

7 Lord english

8 dancing fruit

9 kurloz

10 GHB

11 condy

12 the summoner

Blakk’s list:

  1. rufio
  2. damara
  3. casey
  4. slick spade
  5. jade (grimbark)
  6. feferi
  7. jane
  8. roxy
  9. eridan
  10. signless
  11. dad egbert
  12. calilope
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Kids on the phone. Transparent and captioned for their lines!

Idk if I should do Alpha kids.

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I have to take some time to arrange the Homestuck Random Shipping game asks, I might took a while, but I’m really tired right now so I’ll post some list when I woke up, if you see your name, please send me an ask to choose which number do you want to draw/write/anything to me

Thank you uwu, have a good day/night everyone, blakk is out! (it’s been a while!)

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